Monday, February 15, 2010

Feb 11th Arrival

Can a Vietnamese iced coffee counter attack the effects of culture shock that I'm feeling? Thats my hope as I take a seat outside the cafe, luckily its one of the few things I know how to order (thanks to my years at Huong Lan) The beverage comes almost instantly taking me by surprise a little as I was expecting to have to wait the usual fifteen minutes. Life seams to be like that in Hanoi. Everything here is so fast, including the motos flying through this back alley incessantly honking their horns. I can hardly believe the noise of this place! Between the man next to me shouting at tourists to look at his books, the dozen or so radios blasting, and the clamour of the motos I feel as if I am beginning to go deaf. I wonder how much this will all change with Tet coming up in just a few short days.

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