Wednesday, December 30, 2009

147 days, 5+ countries, 3 changes of clothes and a mulitude of adventures to come...

Do you ever feel like just packing a bag and taking off to see the world? If your anything like me then the answer is without a doubt 'YES!" Well that's exactly what I plan to do in just over a month. OK so the world is going to be pretty much limited to South East Asia, but hey you gotta start somewhere right?

So here's the plan. I sell my car, my furniture, and whatever else I can. I move out of my amazing but seriously overpriced apartment, put my prized possessions into storage, and sleep on my parents couch for the next couple of weeks. Oh and of course quit my job.

Then the real adventure begins. On Feb 9th I will be flying from Vancouver to Hanoi with nothing but my backpack, my computer, and a good friend to keep me company along the way. We'll be making our way from big city to back country via bus, boat, train and tuk tuk (basically any means necessary) Follow my journey as I ride the nories in Cambodia, scuba dive with sharks in Thailand, drink rice whiskey in Laos, and attempt to cross the street in Vietnam.